Where else can you get on top of the active volcano and ride down into its crater? Where else can you feel all the greatness of the mighty Pacific Ocean? Where else can you relax in the thermal springs that are hot even in the frostiest winter? The answer is simple - here, in Kamchatka!

Kamchatka Freeride Community

Our team organizes all kinds of freeride in Kamchatka - heli-ski, ski-tours / backcountry, snowmobiling, etc. By snowmobiles we take our guests out to the most attractive highland corners of the peninsula. We have founded the community because we love our home, we strongly believe into its potential and we want to demonstrate it to as many people as possible!

Our all-inclusive tours have been designed both for pro and novice riders. All members of Kamchatka freeride community (instructors, guides, managers, etc) will make sure that you are having the time of your life.
Heliskiing / Heliboarding program:
Heli-ski - for those who have kerosene running in veins
Heli-ski is a special form of freeride that grants an unlimited freedom of movement and a chance to ride down the fantastic alpine terrain. We have thought over our week program so that it is rich, exciting and safe. Start packing up, the active volcanoes slopes are already waiting for you. No language barrier - the group will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

The total cost:
305 000 rub (3-bed room) - 6 places are vacant
310 000 rub (twin / double) - 6 places are vacant

Program details:
We try our best to make everyday of your stay awesome:
Day 1
Arrival to the airport (Elizovo); representatives of Kamchatka Freeride Community meet the group; transfer to the hotel in the city; filling in the documents; guides introductions; discussion of the program.
Day 2-5
Heli-skiing, one extra days in case of bad weather conditions. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Night in the hotel.
Day 6
Extra day. Excursion to the only interactive popular science Museum of Volcanoes in Russia. Dinner and the night rest at the hotel.
Day 7
Extra day. Optionally you can take part in various additional excursions such as dog-sledding, surfing, ski-tour / backcountry, snowmobile trip to the Mayachniy Cape, heli-ski (contact the managers for more info). Dinner. Night rest.
Day 8
Departure. Before going to the airport the group can visit the fish market and souvenir shops.
Extra info:
Kamchatka is generous when choosing the riding spots - you have both northern (30 km) and southern (75 km) groups of volcanoes. Find yourself in the crater of the active volcano Mutnovskiy (2323 m) or on the coast of the endless Pacific Ocean. Ride in the deep couloirs of the Avachinskiy volcano (2751 m), try the real powder and enjoy breathtaking views.
Eight hours of helicopter flight time (four days of heli-ski activities) are meant during the program. During one outing the group can perform from 6 to 12 descents depending on the destination and snow condition. The vertical drop varies from 1000 m (3280 ft) to 2000 m (6561 ft).
After an exciting and tiring day of freeride, you have all your limbs trembling and all your muscles strained. That is why we invite tourists to relax and recover in the hot thermal pool with a bowl of red caviar in the mountain lodge.
During the freeride season in Kamchatka we have several programs to suit your vacations. You can choose from the following dates:
#1 February 24 - March 3
#2 March 10 - 17
#3 March 24 -31
Meeting at the airport; all transfers and transportations; accommodation in the guesthouse in the city and in the mountain lodge; breakfasts and dinners in the guesthouse and in the mountain lodge; snacks during heli-ski activities; interpreter services; professional photographer or cameraman services; rent of avalanche safety equipment (shovel, probe, beacon, airbag); assistance in preparing documents for visa.
Travelling with us, you will get:
During every outing our experienced pilots, ski and snowboard instructors ensure safety and high spirits. Team members get a full set of avalanche safety gear - airbag SnowPulse, transceiver, beacon, probe and shovel. Before setting off group is instructed how to use the equipment and behave in the mountains. Moreover, we always help our tourists with applying for insurance.
We are proud of our cosy guesthouse that has a special homey atmosphere. Comfortable rooms (twins, doubles and dorms), a spacious living room, a stunning view onto the Avacha Bay, free Wi-Fi and mouthwatering breakfasts are just a few bonuses that you will get staying with Kamchatka freeride community. What is more important - accommodation is already included into the total cost of the program! Find more info here -
Unique spots
To reach wild slopes and lay fresh tracks we have the entire peninsula, a Mi-8 helicopter and snowmobiles.We can head northward for the Zhupanovskiy volcano or, on the contrary, fly to the south - right into the crater of the active Mutnovskiy volcano. We offer you wild slopes, a real powder, long runs, a majestic ocean, a fresh air and pure joy.
Personal approach
We are a direct provider of the tourist product that means we fix the price without extra charging. We are responsible for every step of the program such as meeting our guests at the airport, checking the equipment or estimating the general physical level of group members. We pay high attention to every remark, respect the opinion of our guests and always aim at being flexible.
How much does it cost?
The idea that Kamchatka is far and beyond the reach has already been dispelled. It is easier to come here than you think. In winter season the cost of airplane tickets from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy do not exceed 22 000 rubles per person.
Is it safe?
Safety is our priority. All members of our team have longstanding experience of mountain work, they also often parctice their skills in case of emergencies. Program participants get a full set of avalanche safety gear and - what is more important - they are taught how to use it before setting off to the mountains.
Why should I choose Kamchatka?
Kamchatka is second to none. Once you have come here - you get hooked. People discover amazing nature and wildlife, captivating landscapes, breathtaking views together with hospitable and warm atmosphere created by Kamchatka freeride community.
Have you dreamed of touching the sky?
Here is my chance
Contact us and we will answer your questions with a great pleasure
Meet our team
"For me Kamchatka means a travel, an adventure, in the first place, and then it is a freeride place. It is thrilling to see things you have never seen before, visit the places you have only heard about!"
Kirill Seryogin
Leader of Kamchatka freeride community
"When you find yourself in the mountains or in the ocean, everything becomes simple and clear. The illusion of human's omnipotence and control disappear. And you understand where is your place in the life".
Alexey Pugovkin
"Freeride in Kamchatka is something extraordinary - it's challenging, emotional and fun at the same time. I am happy to be the part of Kamchatka freeride community that is rather a family of soulmates".
Pavel Vereschaka
Snowboard instructor
"Each new rider who applies for our programs inevitably turns into the member of Kamchatka Freeride Community and our friend. The idea is not only to give a service of the high quality but also to introduce a person into the atmosphere that exists only in Kamchatka".
Anastasia Ponomareva
Manager / interpreter
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